Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses


Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses



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Presentations & Workshops

Most of our projects are covered by non-disclosure agreements, so we are unable to share them with you. We are grateful, therefore, to our clients who have graciously granted permission for us to make these slide presentations available.

Inner Space Center Workshop

Here is our PowerPoint presentation from the June, 2016, Inner Space Center video asset management workshop, presented in collaboration with WWE's Bryan Staffaroni.

CCW Panel Discussion

Owner / principal Willis Peligian moderated a panel discussion titled "Transitioning Baseband Video / Audio Infrastructure to IT Technology Platforms — Vendor Vision versus End-User Reality" at the October 2011 CCW trade show in New York City. Here is the PowerPoint presentation.

Digital Content Management Workshop

Slides from our 7 October, 2010, DCM (Digital Content Management) workshop titled "Optimizing Digital Workflows Through Technology, People & Processes" are available here.

Lost City Oceanographic Expedition

One of our most visually fascinating presentations was "Lost City Oceanographic Expedition", presented collaboratively with Jim Newman of Woods Hole Marine Systems at the 25 October, 2005, BosCon / Ennes Workshop. The Lost City Expedition was the first use of telepresence in an oceanographic expedition, which is documented in these slides.

Privacy Policy

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