Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses


Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses

Services — Overview

Willis Consulting Group provides a wide range of consulting services to television broadcasters, cable TV programmers / distributors, universities, scientific research organizations and others that produce and/or distribute high quality video/audio/data.

We also assist businesses that provide goods and services to the industry, including television production / distribution equipment manufacturers as well as systems integrators.

Value Proposition

Our clients say they choose us for several key reasons:

  1. Objective, independent analyses and opinions:  Unlike most of our competitors, we are completely independent. We do not sell any products other than our consulting services. We also refuse offers of commissions from service providers and/or manufacturers who ask us to promote their products and solutions. Our clients are our only focus when we provide services.
  2. Industry knowledge and contacts:  We are constantly staying abreast of new developments in the business; financial, strategic, technological and operational. We have easy access to the top levels of the many industry sectors we serve.
  3. Multidisciplinary perspective:  We pride ourselves on our multidisciplinary approach we bring to all projects. While others typically focus myopically on one facet of a project, Willis Group considers your overall strategic business goals, operational workflow requirements, personnel organization, technology designs and financial planning/budgeting when we perform analyses and make recommendations.
  4. We translate techno-babble into English:  Our consultants are well versed in technology, and we will help decipher this often confusing landscape for you. We know the technology, and we are eager to help you learn about it so you can make more informed decisions.
  5. Value:  Our fees are more than competitive, and clients tell us that our services are above par. We achieve this by maintaining low overhead and by being exceptionally efficient. Because our consultants are all independent contractors, we know how to keep expenses low. We also know that in addition to maintaining competitive pricing, we have to consistently perform at a high standard to earn and keep your business.


Strategic Objectives

Given our broad perspective of media production and distribution businesses, as well as media applications in scientific research, we are frequently called upon to advise senior management and/or boards of directors regarding existing and/or new businesses. Leveraging our consultants' multidisciplinary skills, we will work with you to establish overall business strategies and goals.


Having established a clear vision of overall business strategies and objectives, we perform requirements analyses to identify how best to achieve those business objectives. We then develop operations workflow plans, personnel organization plans and technology designs based upon those requirements we identify.


We optimize your operations to achieve high quality, while maximizing productivity. With our intimate understanding of technical operations we evaluate / modify existing operations workflows, design new workflows, identify personnel staffing requirements, write job descriptions and create organizational plans.


Optimizing operations also requires appropriate technology to enable efficient workflow processes. With our reputation for practical, economical solutions, we employ solid engineering skills to redesign existing facilities and/or design new technical facilities. We will also guide you through the myriad, and often confusing, technology choices to help you make informed decisions.


We prepare cost, revenue and overall business models as well as cost/benefit analyses to help you evaluate your business and make informed operations / technology investment decisions.


We are experienced with managing large and small projects. At your request, we will write requests for proposals and assist you with evaluating responses. We will also interface with software and hardware vendors, architects, systems integrators, wiring technicians and other professional tradespeople to ensure your project is completed according to your specifications.


Willis Group offers many services focused on analyzing existing businesses and/or establishing a new business. Our clients are often looking to develop long-range strategic plans, or seeking recommendations to achieve operational efficiencies, or want a due diligence evaluation to assist with investment decision making, or any number of other services. You are invited to contact us to see how we might assist you with one or more of these services.

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We invite you to contact us to discuss how we might be of assistance to you. For additional information or to request a proposal, please email or telephone us in the United States at +1 508.359.0176.