Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses


Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses

Pro Bono Practice

Willis Group offers pro bono publico services to qualified public media and other non-profit organizations.

COVID-19 Response

Many of our clients' operations have been severely impacted by COVID-19. Non-profit organizations are no exception.

Increased Pro Bono Commitment

We are eager to help, so had increased our pro bono commitment to 80% of our business activity for 2020. Anticipating continuing effects of the pandemic, we are extending our increased commitment, allocating 40% of our business activity to pro bono services through June, 2021.

Travel Restrictions

To protect everyone — our clients as well as our consultants — travel is restricted at this time.

Remote Services

While we enjoy meeting with our clients on-site, we are skilled at fulfilling most needs remotely. From now through June, 2021, we are considering only those requests for pro bono services that may be fulfilled virtually from our offices.

Public Media

Owner and principal consultant Willis Peligian got his start in the media & entertainment business at a small public television station. And, upon founding this consultancy, he made a commitment to provide discounted services to public media organizations.

As the consultancy grew, Willis Group began to offer a combination of pro bono and discounted services. We also extended the offer beyond just public media, to include other non-profit organizations.

Non-Profit Organizations

In addition to public media organizations, we accept pro bono projects to assist research institutions, educational organizations, non-profit media companies serving special needs communities, among others.

Disciplined Business Terms

Our pro bono publico and discounted services receive the same attention to detail we employ on all our projects. We will collaborate with you to develop a detailed Scope of Work, define all deliverables, establish a project timeline with milestones, among other details.

We will execute a formal contract based on our agreed upon scope of work, deliverables and timetable. In short, the only difference in a pro bono contract is the fee, which will include a 'pro bono credit' that results in a $0.00 total.

Annual Commitment

Willis Group allocates a minimum of 10% of our annual business activity to providing pro bono publico services. Project proposals are considered on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Proposals are evaluated based on suitability and our availability — contact us early for the best opportunity. We will work with you to determine if your proposed project is eligible for consideration. We will then collaborate to define a scope of work, deliverables and timeline.

Even when our 10% annual allocation has been exceeded, we have been known to accept a compelling pro bono project. We are, however, ultimately able to accept only a finite number of pro bono projects in a given year.

In cases where a worthy project does not fit into our schedule, we will work with you to see if there is flexibility in the timing of your project. In other cases, we offer discounted services.

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We invite you to contact us to discuss how we might be of assistance to you. For additional information or to request a proposal, please email or telephone us in the United States at +1 508.359.0176.